Quick On The Draw Arm Twisting

This January 25th, 2014, Adventure Rock will be hosting it’s 15th Annual Quick On The Draw climbing competition (Q on the D).  It is Adventure Rock’s largest and most fun events.  Each year the competition grows and we have approximately 50% of the climbers return from one year to the next.  Rockman attributes the competition’s success to several things: fun routes for all ages, sizes and abilities, clear and fair rules, consistent judging, great t-shirts and the great value you get.  Every year we still have to twist the arm’s of the other 50% of competitors into competing.   Here is a list of  my typical responses to why you should do the comp:

  1. It is only $40.
  2. For $40 you get a T-shirt, chalk, drink, cliff bar, stickers, dinner (or lunch) and to get first crack at the best routes we set all year.quckonthedraw2014_COLOR_yellow
  3. I know you don’t think climbing should be competitive, but it is, every time you come into the you are competing to send a route.  At Q on the D it is the same thing except you are doing it with lots of people in a similar skills as you.
  4. You have plans that weekend?  That’s funny because ______________ just called and said that they canceled that weekend and you should make other plans.
  5. You will have a blast.  It so cool, you walk into the and it is totally different place.  You will look around and get butterflies in your stomach cause you are scared even if you climb here four days a week.
  6. It will be the best work out you get all year.  When you typically come into the gym you do a few routes and chat, maybe do a couple of boulder problems.  At the comp you get a list of routes you have to do.  You will have to do 7 routes and 5 boulder problems at least once.  You will be so fried you won’t even be able to open your car door.
  7. It is January in Wisconsin, what else are you going to do?
  8. You will climb harder than you ever do because you are forced to climb things you don’t know the grade of.  A week after the comp you will come into the gym a say “whoa, I sent that in the comp and it is a an ___a/b.”
  9. You will not look like a fool and you are good enough.  We have divisions for all abilities and you compete with people of the same difficulty so you won’t look foolish.
  10. I know you can’t climb an  ____a/b, we award points for any part of the route you do.  Even if you only get to the second hold of a route you still get points.

Don’t make me go through this.  Do you know how hard it is to convince 100 people to sign up?  If people would just listen to Rockman and sign up, I would spend a lot more time and energy on making the comp more awesome.

Click here for the registration for details.


See you on the 25th of January, you should have no real compelling reason to be absent.

In The Spirit Of Adventure,


3 Responses to “Quick On The Draw Arm Twisting”

  1. patty says:

    Q on the D is a blast and all of you going to the gym should support it by signing up. AR does an amazing job of making it fun for all skill levels. Dont miss the fun!! You guys are lucky to be able to climb in such an outstanding climbing gym!
    Miss you all.

  2. Carl Sherven says:

    Do this! It doesn’t matter how good you are, or whether you’ve done a climbing competition before. Every year the A-Rock team does a phenomenal job with not only the routes and problems, but with organizing the event. You need to check this event out. It’s loads of fun for all ages. I’ve only heard positive comments from participants about this event, never negative, never even neutral. As point seven above states, it’s January; what else are you doing that day?

  3. Ded Hed says:

    This is the most fun you can have in WI in Jan with your clothes on. This may be a “competition” but don’t let that fool you. If I can make the podium – ANY ONE CAN. Absoultely the best run comp I’ve ever been to and who are those awesome route setters delivering the goods?

    Besides, where else can you get the level of quality humor that are Craig’s jokes!Guy should be out on the standup circuit. I can’t wait to hear STYX Mr. Roboto echoing through the gym.

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