Sticky Rubber

Over the years, Rockman has had to listen to many climbers debate about which climbing shoe company has the “stickiest” rubber.  The thought being that if the rubber on your climbing shoes is “stickier” you will somehow thwart the power of gravity and send any climb with ease,style and/or grace.  Rockman has always been a […]


Protected: ClimbCam

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So the other day we had an odd incident, no one got hurt but

Training for the Spring!

Sending temps are almost here.

Climbers it’s cold outside!!!

What’s the best way to escape the cold?

I Scream, You Scream, We ALL SCREAM FOR…

I Scream, You Scream, We ALL SCREAM FOR…

2 Truths… 1 Lie…

Which one of these is False?….

Name that Derriere

If you have every taking any pictures of people climbing, it has inevitably happened to you. The “Butt Shot”.  If you don’t remember what color your friend’s pants were that day,  you may not remember who the climber was. Mostly those pictures are useless. That is why Rockman came up with his new segment/contest Name […]


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