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Hints to an effective gym work-out

Climbing at the gym is fun, for a lot of reasons.  Great people, wide variety of changing routes and grades, climate controlled, comfy floor and a host of other amenities.  It is easy to see why climbers, while they love the outdoors, still flock to climbing gyms all over the world.  Adventure Rock is no […]

Gunx Tale

Gunx Tale

Is it possible for there to be overhung climbing on a 5.4?

Sticky Rubber

Over the years, Rockman has had to listen to many climbers debate about which climbing shoe company has the “stickiest” rubber.  The thought being that if the rubber on your climbing shoes is “stickier” you will somehow thwart the power of gravity and send any climb with ease,style and/or grace.  Rockman has always been a […]

Dangers Of Daisychains

Dangers Of Daisychains

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the use of daisychains, what they are used for and how they can be improperly used.

The Humble 9/16th Wrench

When was the last time you were out climbing and clipped a bolt that the hanger spun? Read more..

10 Weaks to Climbing

Several years ago the guru of rock climbing training Eric Horst came out with an article named “Ten Weeks to Better Climbing.”  The article was great, it helped Rockman and lots of other climbers get into great climbing shape.  Rockman is not in great climbing shape.  Here is the new training program for people who […]


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